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I love coffee and people. I’m talkative (sometimes unstoppable) and almost always smiling. I like running, hockey, weight training, traveling, hiking and reading literature from successful people.

After graduating in Crafts and Services, I lived for a year in Leeds, UK. I got to know people, other cultures, improved my English and worked. I was just gaining new experience.

My way to success with work at home

After returning from the UK, I worked as a waiter in Bratislava. I worked as a waiter for many years, which eventually led to me opening my own restaurant, which I rented. It was a small, cozy pizzeria, which I had to close after some time and some disagreement with the landlord. I worked again as a waiter. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, we were all fired, so I looked for new employment opportunities. At the age of 40, it was already clear to me that I could not be a waiter for a long time, so I started looking for new options. I sat at home looking for work that could be done from home. One day I came across this thanks to networking.

It is an interesting job where I have the opportunity to work with people and improve my personality. I move step by step every day. I am an eternal optimist and that is why I think everyone has the right to success. It doesn’t matter what you do, where you came from, what you have already achieved in life, but how you approach life. If you want to change and move forward, ask us and we will direct you to personal development and better earnings.

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