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How I started making money online.

I was born on January 10, 1984 in Bratislava. As a small child, I was quite intelligent, especially in mathematics and languages. I loved sports, of which I also tried a few – I enjoyed hockey the most, where I had the position of goalkeeper. From an early age, I was fascinated by martial arts, which I actually did all the time, I started with karate, then long-term taekwondo, and when I was older I started doing boxing and fitness.

If I had to describe my life, I could say that my life was not all roses and I experienced an awful lot of obstacles. I often had the feeling that something would always happen and ruin my visions and dreams. This is how it dragged on for years.

For the first time as a child – I loved water polo, I played in Bratislava and I was really talented, but unfortunately I got inflammation of the conjunctiva and I had to stop. I also started playing hockey as a goalkeeper and when I finaly got to the top, my parents divorced and I had to leave Bratislava. We moved to the small town of Želiezovce, where it was possible to do anything but the kind of sport I liked.

Finding myself

I graduated from high school in Tlmače as a mechanic. I choosed this field because I failed the math exam for the computer science, so I ended up at the same school as a mechanic. Although, after the 1st class of computer science the teacher told me that I was a really talented in the IT field and I could start studying computer science from next year, but as a young boy I didn’t liked the idea of going to school for any longer, so I refused the offer. Fortunately, informatics was still in me, and I ended up doing another two-year study extension in the field of economic informatics.

In 2004, I went to Switzerland, where I washed dishes in an Italian restaurant. Since I was very good at German, I learned Italian perfectly and even a year later I was entrusted with the responsibility of the chef, on weekends I was in charge of the kitchen myself. It was an excellent time, I experienced many beautiful things, met lot of hardcore people but I worked from morning to morning. I was always at work.

Then I spent a year tuning and selling cars, and in 2006 I started a construction company. Thanks to my father, who really had experience in this field and who taught me all my life, I had quite a success with this company and I made a lot of money. Unfortunately, I was a young guy who was just enjoying himself.

In July 2007, I returned to Slovakia, where I started working first as a technician for HP and then in 2009 as an IT specialist for the Compas Group. I was in charge of 68 branches, including Jaslovské Bohunice, Mochovce, VW Slovakia and PSA Peugeot in Trnava. At this time I started learning to program – first macros in Excel, then php, vb .net, c # and so on.

I consider this period to be one of the happiest in my life. I was proud of myself, I had a good job, a company car, the internet, free food and I lived like a king, even though we had a lot of work. I was a young guy who had time to train, I had everything for free and I made quite a lot of money at the time. Still, I let my ex-girlfriend persuade me that this isn’t all, that it’s more for me to have money than to have a good job – and that was a big mistake.

Learn from mistakes

I went to Switzerland again and started an even bigger construction company. But when I came there, everything was completely different than I was promised. I didn’t have a job and I had to look for it. Fortunately, thanks to my experience, I got it and got some really good orders, which earned me a lot of money. Nevertheless, my life went downhill, I was unhappy, my relationship with my girlfriend ended.

Then I realized I didn’t want this. It was a stressful period and although I made money, I felt insecure, I had a great responsibility and it was pure chaos. So I thought I’d get a job. I started working on employment contracts, I started to take care of upgrading my qualifications, I got my schools recognized, I got about 16 certificates, first in the field of mechanical mechanic, welder and suddenly my salary really rose to quite high numbers. I also started to make certificates for IT, I founded my project website4you.sk and started developing websites, but even though I was more confident and less stressed, internally I was dissatisfied.

Work from home – my kind of work

Fortunately, thanks to my sister, I got to know something new, a new business at that time, making money over the Internet, which I saw for the first time in December and I immediately fell in love with it. It was about trading on the financial market, comfortable work from home and in fact I, as an IT enthusiast, learned it very quickly. After 3 weeks I had the first results and since then I am still making money. In 8 days, I created a monthly passive income of $500 from home, which I still have, and another pretty good income from trading. That’s when I realized that this is something I was really looking for, that can feed me and that makes me do what I enjoy. In addition, I have time for my stuff and hobbies such as fitness, cycling and programming.

Networking is beautiful because you build relationships with people. It’s like normal marketing but face to face, person to person. You will also experience dark days when people make fun of you, but also beautiful days when people are grateful that you brought them into this business. This is why I do it, and this is what fills me the most – not just making money but being there, when others make money, helping them solve their problems, finding solutions together, being their coach and being coached by the better ones. This is what I’ve been looking for all my life.

I can say that I am one of the excellent traders and maybe my name already means something in our company. I love being able to help others and I plan to take exams so that I can be an official teacher on our training platform. I will never leave this business and I want to make a living in this way for the rest of my life.

I will teach you to work over the internet!

If you have read all this and you are interested in my story, feel free to write to me and we will look at your situation. We will try to find solutions suited for you, together we can do it .

I do not promise you that you will just get rich and I do not promise you that it will be easy. Not at all. But I promise you, if you take it seriously, your life will change for the better and it will change in an incredible way. I guarantee you that if you do things the way you are supposed to do – honestly, legally, helpfuly and you’ll cooperate, the day will come when you will call me and thank me for bringing you into this business.

My name is Ján Salma and I look forward to working with you.

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    Monir Islam BE CEO with Ján Salma at an event in Bratislava

    On the left we see Monira Islam CVO & the founder of our company BE. To the right, we see Ján Salma – an IT specialist, web designer, programmer, IT administrator who started earning money over the Internet, not only by coding and IT.

    The photo was taken at our event beunstoppable in Bratislava hotel Sheraton 24.10.2021