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My name is Radka Jacková, I am 28 years old and I live in a village near Bratislava. I studied business and even though I went through various jobs in Slovakia and abroad, I always said to myself that one a day I would do what I studied for. I had several plans, but there was always a lack of start-up capital, so I just pushed this dream into the future. One day I came across the BE Academy. and I didn’t hesitate to enter it. The low start-up capital and the opportunities we have here immediately convinced me, and I don’t regret this decision. Educating myself and generating income flexibly and online is exactly what I wanted – it’s a way to fulfill your dreams.

Personal development is the foundation of financial freedom

I am on the path of personal development. This company has taught me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone, to be brave and proud of what I do. At the same time, it taught me humility and gratitude.

I love my family and the animals that I help and I want to help even more. I love travel, fashion, I want my life full of experiences and happy moments. I want to enjoy life, to live it with friends, family and work that I enjoy.

I am an ordinary woman who has her dreams and goals and I am just as worried as anyone else. I’m no better than you, I just made the right decision and got into the company of people who inspire me to the best results. We are here to help each other grow, we are here for each other. We are the best team and we will help anyone who decides to fulfill their dreams with us.

Earning from home and spending time with your family

You may be wondering what makes such an online business so great? Imagine working from home, from the beach, or in the doctor’s waiting room. Use your time effectively. Use social networks effectively. Be the one people follow, not the one who follows. Become the master of your time. Take time off when you need it, and work whenever you want.

Working from home needs perseverance – it’s worth it

Yes, the beginning will be harder, yes, maybe it will hurt, but it only makes you better and stronger. So ask yourself what you want from life, who you wanna be?

If you want to follow your dreams and enjoy your achievements, do not hesitate to contact me.

Just make a decision and I will help you with the rest.

I look forward to working with you!

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