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I learned that even moms on maternity leave can make money from home.

Hi, my name is Eva Hevešiová, I am 30 years old and I live in a small village in southern Slovakia. I am a happy mother on maternity leave with my 1.5 year old daughter..

My way to success

My first job opportunities appeared while I was studying for my master’s degree, when I started working as a physiotherapist in a nursing home. After successfully completing the second degree of university studies, we decided to do business with a friend. We went all over Slovakia and sold podplamenník at fairs and various cultural events. After much disappointment with my earnings in Slovakia, I moved to neighboring Austria, where I worked as a physiotherapist. It’s nice in Austria, but home is home! Since I enjoy maternity leave with my family at home in Slovakia, even after that I would like to stay in my home country and have a similar income as it was abroad.

From now on I earn from home alongside my maternity leave

I heard about this company in January 2020, as my daughter was only 2 months old, I didn’t give it a chance and it was a big mistake. After a few months, the financial support from the state was not enough for me and I started to focus on catalog sales of products and MLM system, with which I did not get into the position of earnings after a year of hard work and invested time and I only made a profit from products sold.

Beginnings to work from home

In April of this year, 2021, I once again stumbled upon this great opportunity, the possibility of good earnings at BE. and this time I accepted it immediately and registered! I am very happy to have access to perfectly prepared study materials, which I have at my disposal at all times, they move me forward and make me time and money independent. There are a lot of successful people in the team and the best part is that even though each of us is different, we are all one, we supply positive energy, we help each other, we support each other, we improve and grow together. As the saying goes, “Team work makes the dream work” It is an incredibly great opportunity for all of us to fulfill our dreams, to be managers of our own time and life! I am extremely satisfied and grateful for this opportunity, because I began to develop personally, I began to read more and my thinking is now completely different from what it was before. Thanks to the time freedom that this work offers, I can calmly devote myself to my daughter, family, hobbies and I do not lose the moments of my life.

Recommendation how you too can earn alongside your maternity leave

I definitely recommend this opportunity to you too if you want to turn your dreams into the reality and live the life you have always wanted to live. All you have to do is want, believe, but also work, persevere and the results will come. I will help you and show you the way that really leads to a happy life.

If you are also a mother at maternity leave like me, students or my story caught your attention, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact me as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you!

Regards Evka

“The future starts today, Not tomorrow.” – Pope John Paul II

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